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            the Gordy way!

Welcome to the production of Hollywood, PA. the world's first Global Movie Set (I had to say that, because it sounds so catchy)! This is an independent film, shot in Central Pennsylvania. Between Feb. 24 and March 10 you were able to watch us live from the set, interact with the cast and crew and discover the passion and pain in filmmaking...

But it's not over yet. As we dive into post-production we intend to keep the web site alive, as we will present a first trailer, a rough cut and a documentary from behind the scenes of Hollywood, PA.

Hollywood, PA is the story of Gordy Crbinak who gives up on his dream of making it big in Hollywood. The wannabe filmmaker decides to go back to his small hometown to "rethink" his career strategy. Between riding his folk's couch, taking his grandparents shopping for $10 and trying to avoid working at Wal-Mart, he has nothing better to do than to put his life on the Internet.


Soon Gordy's real-life internet soap opera takes on epic proportions as thousands of users log on and watch in sheer amazement. As the story progresses (and the popularity of his website increases) the town's quirky locals try to profit from their new-found celebrity status it in any way possible. Only Gordy stays Gordy searching for his dream.

What a story!?

So, while we shot this amazing piece of art, we wanted you to see how we did it. If you missed it, please check out the archive for highlights and/or the complete version of the 28h live webcast)

Read on and see how to use this web site