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9. Despite what your mom tells you, you really aren't a genius.
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Find good people and make a movie that's worth their talents.

One of the most important things to learn as you make your first film is that you really can't do everything yourself. Make it a priority to seduce/beg/hire the most talented DP, Costume Designer, Production Designer, Set Decorator, AD, Gaffer, Editor, etc. etc. you can afford. These people are artists, too, and can give your film a polish and sheen that sets it apart. Plus, it makes it easier for you and your actors to do your jobs when talented people are doing their jobs all around. One strategy for low budget films is to give talented assistants their first "key" position. Find that asst. camera person or gaffer who's looking for a shot at their first DP job. They will really care about what they do because this is their one chance, too -- and they'll forgive the lower salary.

Remember, a first-time director has only one "at-bat" and it had better be a solid triple if not a home run... because there's another five thousand guys behind you in line who are itching for their chance. So build a good team around you.

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